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Beginning as a small leadership laboratory in 2009,  FTK has grown to become the largest student-run non-profit organization in San Antonio. FTK aims to ensure that no family has to face pediatric cancer alone and does this by putting on amazing events for the families and their children to enjoy all year. The members’ year-long fundraising efforts culminate in an annual 12-hour Dance Marathon. Last year alone, FTK raised over $30,000, and in the past few years, FTK has raised $300,000.




One of the main goals of FTK is to provide emotional support to the children and their families. FTK does this through a variety of ways. We host events such as hospital parties, our Annual Fashion, and our Christmas Toy Drive to try and help the children forget the significant role cancer has in their lives and allow them to just be kids.




Another way that FTK provides support to our families is financially. Throughout the year FTK hosts a variety of fundraisers; all of the profits from these fundraisers goes directly to the families. The money is used to cover the cost of things that insurance does not. This can include everything from food and gas bills to transportation.

Major Events

Every October, FTK hosts a Zumba fundraiser. Zumba is FTK’s largest fall fundraiser. Zumba is a high-energy dance party and is a ton of fun! UTSA students and the general public are invited to participate in our high energy dancing event. FTK Zumba includes dancing, food, a ring toss, and costume contest.

FTK’s annual Fashion Show is our largest emotional support event. The goal of Fashion Show is to allow the children to forget the significant role cancer plays in their lives, even if it is for just one night.

At Fashion Show, the kids are the center of attention. For one night, they can be anything they want to be, whether it’s a princess or a superhero.

FTK’s yearlong fundraising efforts culminate in an annual 12-hour Dance Marathon. FTK Dancers pledge to stand for 12 hours to show families that because cancer never rests, neither will we. The Dance Marathon doesn't just mean dancing - it involves music, live entertainment, fun games, line dances, athlete performances, powerful family speeches, and much more.

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