Member Spotlight: Marlene Calderon

Member Spotlight is back with Marlene Calderon, our Special Events Chair! Check out what she has to say about FTK and our upcoming Fashion Show! What makes FTK different from other organizations? As a member of FTK, I can see how our efforts immediately impact our FTK families and that motivates and inspires me to […]

Meet an Overall: Diana Cuervo

The Dance Marathon may have passed, but we’re still recognizing our hard-working Overalls.  This week, we’re recognizing one of our two Vice Overalls, Diana Cuervo! What made you decide to pursue an overall position in FTK? After seeing what FTK was about and meeting some families, kids, and hearing their stories, my heart belonged to […]

Meet a Dance Marathon Coordinator: Christina Phamvu

This past Saturday was our annual Dance Marathon, and we owe our Dance Marathon Coordinator, Christina Phamvu, our thanks for such an amazing marathon! Thoughts on the Big Reveal?  I was totally surprised! I honestly was speechless when I found out how much we made. Also, I loved how everyone did the FTK chant with us […]

Member Spotlight: Chrissa Kozaki

This week we turn our attention to Chrissa Kozaki, a sophomore Finance major pursuing a career as an optometrist! How did you hear about FTK? Last year, my roommate told me about an organization on campus that dances for kids with pediatric cancer. Hearing about the cause and FTK’s events inspired me to become a […]

Member Spotlight: Hai Le

Sophomore Mathematics major Hai Le shares his FTK experience with us on this week’s Member Spotlight! How did you hear about FTK? I was walking around campus during the Involvement Fair, and somebody tapped me on the shoulder. It was Amanda Perez. She introduced herself as the Communication Overall of an organization which raises money for families in […]

Meet an Overall: Kevin Conway

Here’s to Kevin Conway, one of FTK’s Vice Overalls! What made you decide to pursue an overall position in FTK? Last year, I served as the Lead of Communications, so it seemed a natural progression to run for an overall position. How has your role in FTK affected your personal life? This job has helped me […]

Member Spotlight: Taylor Buchanan

This week we will introduce you to Taylor Buchanan, a sophomore Kinesiology major and Terry Scholar! How did you hear about FTK? Kevin Conway, one of the Vice Overalls for FTK, is my big in the Terry Scholars Student Organization. When I asked what kinds of things I can do to be more involved on campus, he […]