Family Testimonials

Hear from the families themselves how FTK affects their lives:

Testimonial 1: What Twenty Dollars Can Do

A few years ago, one of our FTK children was facing the end of his life. The family only had one car, which was currently at the hospital with the child’s mother. A nurse called an FTK donor, who donated 20 dollars on the spot to send the rest of the child’s family in a taxi so they could say their final goodbyes.

Testimonial 2: One Last Chance in the Spotlight

A few years ago, we had a sweet little girl named Marina who was told that she did not have much time left. FTK invited her entire family to our annual Fashion Show. Her family was in tears, and so were our FTK members. She had a blast that night! We were able to bring her family together to see their angel shine one last time. <3

Testimonial 3: Andy Boy and Football

Many UTSA Roadrunners loved Andy Boy! The football team loved him! He was a very brave fighter from what his friend Jessica Rosales, who went through treatment with him, told us. Andy Boy enjoyed coming out to our events and so did his sweet sisters! At last year’s Dance Marathon, two of Andy Boy’s sisters donated their hair for children undergoing cancer treatment.

Lial’s, the 2016-2017 FTK Executive Director’s, Testimonial

“My aunt passed away of Stage 4 Lymphoma six years ago. Cancer is hard. It hurts everyone in the family. Cancer is silly because it has the ability to kill a person, yet this sickness ends up dying too. Cancer is suicidal and greedy. My aunt fought for one year. She fought just as our FTK Angels did! I feel like this is a time in which trying your best does not always foretell a positive future, but we still cling on to hope. However, losing the battle does not mean that our Angels did not fight hard enough. It simply means that God said no more pain. It’s time to come home <3 Why did my aunt die? Why did our FTK kids pass? It is hard to answer that question, but my answer makes me feel better.

During treatment, my aunt slipped into a coma for a few days, and my grandma was terrified. Cancer is scary and it gambles with life and emotions. But FTK is a treatment for cancer. We are like a happy medicine with which children and their families can have fun. FTK is a place where parents can see their children enjoy childhood. Our FTK parents have just as much fun because they see their kids having fun. I believe parents see that FTK cares and makes them feel like they are not fighting alone. They have a group of amazing students that love and care for them. They have a family.”

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