FTK’s 13 committees are divided into 4 branches: Awareness, Business Operations, Events Management, and Family Relations.

Executive Board

  • Executive Director oversees the entire FTK executive board, which deals with decision making, planning and organizing FTK. The Executive Director is committed to enhancing communication with all internal and external relationships.
  • Directors serve the Executive Director by taking on the oversight of designated FTK teams (Awareness, Business Operations, Events Management, and Family Relations) and managing all public relations for the entire organization.


  • Communications serves as the main liaison to all those interested in the fight against pediatric cancer within the UTSA and San Antonio community. By building strong relationships, we work to educate and empower the members, students, faculty, staff and alumni of our University as to how they can make a greater impact in the fight to cure childhood cancer.
  • Morale strives to ensure that throughout the year, FTK love and energy is being shared amongst all of those involved in the organization. Captains, along with their committees, promote different events, and ensure the spirit of the FTK community is constantly felt and enhance dancer relations. Captains also plan a variety of events to please every dancer during the FTK Dance Marathon, including the Dancer Alley, Dancer Storage, Mail Call, the many Theme Hours, and The Line Dance. Throughout the Dance Marathon, the Captains and Committee members are dedicated to the dancers, doing anything within their power to ensure the dancers finish the marathon!
  • Media is responsible for handling all social media, photography, and technology FTK deals with. Media is constantly updating all FTK social media and the official website. Being on Media will give you a great experience with technology and help you develop skills in graphic design and editing. Media strives to take advantage of the latest technologies to spread awareness of pediatric cancer.
  • Public Relations is dedicated to finding creative outlets for event planning and promotions, as well as establishing new contacts that will help advertise our cause and encourage others to become more involved.

Business Operations

  • Finance is responsible for tracking FTK’s fundraising total throughout the fundraising season. The chair work to count all monetary donations, manage checks and pledges, as well as assist FTK donors with all financial needs.
  • Donor Relations strives to spread awareness of FTK by making each experience unique for every  donor.  They  will  have  an  opportunity  to  share  their  passion  for  FTK  through professional contacts at small businesses, corporations, and foundations. Each Captain will act as a fundraising liaison to a group of organizations. As a fundraising resource, the Donor Relations Captains will be able to assist FTK Chairs as they organize and implement a donor solicitation strategy in addition to contacting businesses themselves.
  • Fundraising is responsible for developing and leading creative, interactive methods for raising money for FTK.
  • Merchandise promotes awareness of FTK and raises money For The Kids by running the FTK Store throughout the year. They are also responsible for marketing the FTK Store, designing new products, ordering/distributing FTK Committee shirts, and handling all licensing issues. The Merchandise Captains and committee members are also committed to protecting the brand name of FTK while contributing to the financial and emotional efforts For The Kids!

Events Management

  • Rules & Regulations works hard to ensure all protocol is followed by every member, volunteer, child, parent, and partaker at every FTK event to ensure the safety of all people involved.
  • Special Events seeks to maintain excitement in the UTSA and San Antonio community by planning the annual Fashion Show, Zumba, and other innovative events developed throughout the year while ensuring the spirit of FTK is felt at all times. Special Events Captains and committee members are committed to creating year-round support and awareness for the children, families, researchers and the entire FTK community.
  • Operations is in charge of managing the logistical planning and preparation of events throughout the semester. It is their responsibility to meet the needs of the other committees for each event to ensure that each event is successful.

Family Relations

  • Family Events provides year-round assistance and support to FTK Families by ensuring that they enjoy all of their FTK experiences to the fullest.
  • Family Communications is committed to the well-being of the FTK Families, keeping parents and children informed and inspired. Family Communications works alongside the rest of FTK’s Committees to ensure that the families remain at the heart of FTK and everything is done For The Kids.